Crisis management amid the pressures of practicing law

Maryland’s disciplinary process, both historically and presently are discussed from the perspective of our guest, Irwin Kramer, a lawyer who represents other lawyers facing disciplinary proceedings. Themes of diversion, mitigating factors, disability, punitive vs. recovery (mental health, addiction and other issues) actions, and ideas on how to implement an effective diversionary program.

Mentoring, Legal Skills, & Professionalism

Delve into the Delaware State Bar Association’s mentoring program for new and seasoned lawyers. Our guest, David J. Ferry, Jr., Esquire of Ferry Joseph P.A. discusses building legal skills and professionalism, how to work with judges and opposing counsel, work life balance, managing the administration of a law practice, and the benefits to being a mentor.

A Personal Story of Addiction & Recovery

Chris Amalfitano discusses his personal story of alcohol addiction & recovery and how it affected his legal career (including the disciplinary process) and personal life. He also talks about the support and resources he received from the Delaware Lawyers Assistance Program (DE-LAP), including counseling and group counseling with a licensed therapist, with an emphasis on […]

The Rules of Professional Conduct & The O.D.C.

Luke Mette joins us to explore the role of Delaware’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel (the O.D.C.) and the experiences of attorneys following and not following the Rules of Professional Conduct. Other topics include the law profession’s high rates of mental health concerns and alcohol/drug abuse, internal and external stressors and how they can affect both […]